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[Mixed] Rotation Post

Okay, this is new so umm.. I don't know what to say LOL. Our community has come up with a new idea(which is so not new for other community) about doing a rotation. We've come up of how we will recommend you a songs. Any song that we think you'd like. :D So here is my first rotation for you!

I'd like to recommend you guys some of the korean song, because I think the majority of people who visit this community are J-pop fans and doesn't know much about K-pop. Well there's a lot of variety in K music as much as they have in J music. These song that I'm going to recommend you are all my personal favorite, some people might have different taste then me so you might not like it, but at least I think you should try to listen it first before judging. :D Please note that my review doesn't do the song any justice, I'm just really bad at describing. ;__; There are preview for the song so if you're not sure then listen to it first before download it. :D

SHINee - 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) - -> Download
A debut song of SHINee which make me love them so much. I fell for them so hard after hearing this song and watching their MV. It was super awesome! It's an r&b style of song with a sweet lyric about how Noona(big sister in Korean) is so pretty. Seriously, which Noona wouldn't fall for them after listen to this song? It's practically grow on me when I first listen to it, the tune is really catchy as well.

Brown Eyed Girls - How Come - -> Download
A really catchy song with infectious tune from Brown Eyed Girls. It has a retro style to it but I like retro so this is not bad. I don't know if you know them, but this group has produced a really good music that I like to listen to a lot. Only one thing that I do not like about this group, yes only ONE thing, really. It's their rapper which I dislike her voice, and the way she raps so much. It's not that I hate her or anything it's jut the way she sing. Like I said, she raps really weird in the song and her voice just annoyed the crap out of me. ;__; Other than that this group is a Win for sure. Their song is superb(I'd just skip the rapper part lol)!

IU - 미아 (Mia) - -> Download
Do you know any singer that can sing this good when she was only 15? I was so amaze after watching this girl perform live and seriously she is about my age! I don't know about you, but I actually got a goosebumps when I first heard her sing live. This song is especially my favorite out of her single cause I really like the melody and the orchestra band did a really good job performing also. Despite being so talented she's also got a face too. I really think that this girl will become big one day because she has a star quality, it's sad that she is now still rather underrated.

Girls' Generation - Kissing You - -> Download
A really cute song from Girls' Generation or aka SNSD and this one is my most favorite out of their album(they have an awesome music too). A pop-ish song that you'd expect to hear from a girl band, but this song is special. Although I don't know how but every time I listen to it, it keeps me wanting more. LOL let's just say that it's catchy. :D If you like this song I'm sure you'd love to try out their other song as well.

As One - 12 Nights - -> Download
As One is a Korean pop duo consisting of Korean Americans Lee Min Young and Crystal Chae. They were discovered by one of the former members of critically acclaimed Korean R&B group SOLID who attended their church one day and heard them sing. They mostly sing ballad song and this song happened to be one of my favorite so I'm sharing you guys with this song. I love how pure their voice sound too.

Epik High Ft.Younha - Umbrella - -> Download
A really, really good song from Epik High, their collaborating with Younha is always great! I love Younha's part the most out of the whole song, her voice is just so fit for the song, and Epik High rap is just so fabulous. This song has rather a sad meaning which really struck me I don't know about you but this song gotta be one of my favorite for a life time. Really recommend this to you all!

So that's it for now, I would really like to introduce you guys to Wonder Girls and Big Bang, but I think that next time will be a better idea. For now I want you to try these song first. Feed back would be really nice, so I know that some of you that never know these artist before actually like their music after listen to the song. Any request for the whole album or single are welcome as well. :D

Please comment, I can see the download number, so I know you have downloaded it.
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